June 17, 2013

Before they say "I DO"

Magdelini & Joseph
Wedding Day

15th June, 2013

Celebration of love....


when love means everything.....

 that love never die....

when it comes to love
age, weight, distance is just a number...

Song of Solomon 2:16
My lover is mine, and I am his.

blessing of the couple by Fr.Leslie Keyu

 whatever life may bring...
      I will love you 
                  care for you always

this is my promise of love to you

" I now pronounce you...
            husband and wife
                       you may kiss the bride"

cake cutting

symbolize the first task
                in the couple's life together
wedding's wines

most toasts can be made with wine

the meaning of toasting at a wedding is honoring and congratulating the newly wedded couple and to wish them a good life together

bride's family members

let's take a shot....

March 19, 2013

Bowling Friendly Match 2013

  Organized by Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology,
Sarawak General Hospital

thanks & congratulations to all
see you in the next event :)

CaNdiD CaM guys!!!


          yes!!! strike!!!

like a dancing queen!!

 take a break guys!!!!

strike like a pro..yeah!!


            give me 5!!!

January 04, 2013

mom's Christmas cake

handmade by my own lovely mom :)

look like this year I have an extra cake for Christmas, haha. my mom told me "you don't have to buy outside cake anymore" and it seems like WoWW!! Big smiles for that.

And another BIG SMILES for this!!