July 28, 2012

Cycle For Charity

Objective of the Fund Raising Event by Sarawak Hospice Society:

The objective of this “Cycle for Cancer Patients” campaign is to appeal to the medical industry and cancer professionals to generously contribute to the fund for HOME CARE PROGRAM (HCP). It is also a campaign to the general public that Cancer Care for terminally ill is a rising issue as our population is aging. We want to instill the message "WE CARE TOO" to the public that family & friends' support is of paramount importance here. This will allow them to walk their last mile with support and care of their love ones.

The reason for fund raising are:
Many terminally ill cancer patients are no more warded in the hospital - as they prefer to go back home. At this point, resources in government hospital cease as they are no more patients of government hospital. With pain and other complications, example difficulties to turn in bed or moving around, Hospice provides free loan of equipment, like wheel chairs, oxygen concentrators, ripple mattress and other medical devices for home care need. In addition, with the help of DRO, the service also provides counseling and home visits by nurses/doctors for the terminally ill. The cost of transportation during this home visit will also be funded by HOSPICE.

great team

albert and ramlah
from right: abas, ramlah, jessy and junaine

jessy and ramlah

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